About Us

Ace Softel Pvt. Limited, was born out of our genuine interest in, and fascination with, the world of communications. Coupled with our ability to deliver that knowledge, in an accessible format, we entered the field of Telecom Training and Solution. Our expert training faculty aims at providing a winning edge to our students by molding them into excellent human resource for the telecom sector.

We started our Training Division about a decade ago and with excellent feedbacks from our students, we are highly reputed name mainly in Telecom and Wireless Training Sector worldwide today. We believe in providing quality training with cost effective solutions.

By combining extensive telecommunication expertise and industry experience with innovative training techniques, Ace Softel Pvt. Limited is committed to offer a fast, convenient and inexpensive training and solution for wireless and mobile.

At Ace Softel Pvt. Limited, we believe that a successful blended learning program consists of three key components:

 Content     Technology   Services

This allows you to provide the right blend of learning solutions for every level of the organization.

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