Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem , IMS (4 Months)

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Course Objective:

Never before in history any technology in the telecom space have supposed to take over the world so quickly. The aim of IMS is to provide all the services, current and future, that the Internet provides. In addition, users have to be able to execute all their services when roaming as well as from their home networks .It will allow small developers to develop applications and deploy them to networks with millions of subscribers overnight. IMS will allow companies to give central control of telephony and allow communications to be based on contacting a person, not an army of disparate devices and phone numbers.

Having full support for every type of communications session in today's world (whether over wireless or landline, including instant messaging , push-to-talk, videoconferencing and video on demand), IMS will unify wireless, wireline and all communications like never before. IMS will eventually work with any network (fixed, mobile or wireless) with packet-switching functions, such as GPRS, UMTS, CDMA2000, WLAN, WiMAX, DSL, cable, ... Older circuit-switched phone systems (GSM).

IP Multimedia Subsystem, originally defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), as part of their standardization work for 3G mobile phone systems in UMTS networks (It first appeared in release 5 ), is a next-generation network for carriers that uses the IP protocol as its foundation. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) supports data, video, SIP-based voice over IP (VoIP) and non-SIP packetized voice. Both packet-switched and circuit-switched are supported.

IMS uses open standard IP protocols. So, a multimedia session between two IMS users, between an IMS user and a user on the Internet, and between two users on the Internet is established using exactly the same protocol. Moreover, the interfaces for service developers are also based on IP protocols. IMS truly merges the Internet with the cellular world. IMS should make it easier to offer just about any IP-based service. Examples include voice over IP (VOIP), Push to talk over cellular (POC), multiparty gaming, videoconferencing, Messaging, community services, presence information and content sharing.

What you will learn:

You will be able to understand the architecture of a IMS, the role of the different network elements, the principles of IMS, IMS Procedure and IMS Services.

Course Outline:
The course aims to provide participants with an understanding on

  • Introduction
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem architecture
  • Entitites of IMS
  • Interfaces of IMS
  • Subscription data in IMS
  • How IMS Works
  • IMS-Based Services
  • Messaging.

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed for professionals, senior or middle management, technicians or engineers who intend to grasp the understanding of overall IMS technology, its structure and basic functionalities.


Eligibility- B.E, B.Tech, BIT, MIT, BCA, BSC, MSC, PGDCA, MS, M.Tech, MCA & PHD. A basic understanding of telecom is must.


4 Months


Online (3 days a week, 2 hours per day)
Online (Weekends, 3 Hrs on Saturday & Sunday)


Online, Virtual Instructor led LIVE Classroom Training


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