Certification in Telecom Marketing (1 months)

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Course Objective:
This course provides in depth of the Marketing concepts involved in Telecom. This course ideally suits to the people who are willing to move the Telecom Marketing Domain. This course is best suited to individual who are pursuing their MBA in telecom or MBA in Marketing.

What you will learn:
As per the global slowdown in 2009 & the fast changing world of employment worldwide this Certificate is particularly useful to those moving into telecom marketing roles. We will walk through from about different customer behaviors and segmentation underpins effective telecom marketing practice,  Understand the key differences in telecom marketing applications, produsts & services across India & worldwide Discussion related to different telecom marketing tools and to identify best practice in telecom companies worlwide in 2016     

Course Outline:

  • Telecom Introduction
  • GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, WiFi, LTE, VoIP, LTE etc brief
  • role of telecom marketing in business
  • Recognizing telecom marketing & its implications for the  various telecom companies
  • Tools & Techniques in telecom marketing research to improve customer communications
  • Analyze and interpret written, visual and graphical data in Telecom Marketing
  • Various types of telecom companies within the public & private sectors,
  • Understand telecom company’s objectives and the influences upon them
  • Collecting various types of information in telecom marketing domain including primary & secondary data.
  • Telecom Marketing Environment
  • Different Telecom Marketing Practices
  • Types of Telecom Companies including Manufacturers, Product based companies, Maintenance & support based, Service based
  • Different Interfaces for Telecom Marketing
Who Should Attend:
Certification in Telecom Marketing is suited to persons who want to move to telecom domain as marketing specialist, MBA pursuing or MBA passed outs who aspire for a career in telecom marketing.  This course is designed for developers, Engineers and Technical Management or anyone interested to move to Telecom Marketing.


Instructional Methods:
Lectures in Classroom, on PowerPoint slides, discussion, Questions & Answers. All participants will also receive a comprehensive course materials specially prepared by Training Division of Ace Softel Pvt. Ltd. Each section of the material covered by the tutor is followed by hands-on practical exercises for which worked examples of the solutions are typically provided.

1 Months

Online (3 days a week, 2 hours per day)
Online (Weekends, 3 Hrs on Saturday & Sunday)

Online, Virtual Instructor led LIVE Classroom Training

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