Voice Over Internet Protocol,VoIP(4 Months)

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Course Objective:
Ace Softel Pvt. Ltd. is the home to the cutting edge 200 hours VoIP (Voice Over IP) course. We'll get started with the basics in mobile telecommunications and the journey from analog to digital. The course then moves on to cover communication technologies like GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA. This course also includes SS7 technology, SS7 protocols, TCP/IP networking, SIP, C++ and Linux. The VoIP content begins with an overview of a VoIP system and graduate to identifying and explaining key components, jargon and buzzwords, plus the main standards and protocols used in VoIP systems. Then, we'll review the many flavors of VoIP and identify specific benefits and cost savings for different users. You'll gain the knowledge to confidently identify different VoIP architectures and discuss pros and cons of variations.

The course aims to provide participants with an understanding on

  • Communication technologies like GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA;
  • SS7 technology, SS7 protocols, TCP/IP networking, SIP, C++ and Linux;
  • VoIP system, explain key components, jargon and buzzwords, plus the main standards and protocols used in VoIP systems, including speech coding, packet transport and VOIP signalling protocols;

What you will learn:
This course provides a detailed overview of the key technologies behind VOIP, including speech coding, packet transport and VOIP signalling protocols. The course will cover the history behind VoIP technologies to show how that has driven the current capabilities and it will also look at the latest technological advances in areas such as toll bypass and Mobile-IP. Understanding what exactly packetized voice is. How it happens and the standards and protocols used. You'll learn about codecs and compression, and understand the factors affecting sound quality. You'll gain a clear understanding of the tools and techniques for controlling traffic and implementing service levels.

Course Outline: Part-1

1. Basics of mobile telecommunication

  • Analog to Digital
  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • CDMA
  • SS7 technology
  • SS7 protocols
  • TCP/IP networking
  • C++
  • Linux

2. Introduction to VoIP

  • The role of VoIP within an organization
  • How VoIP handles calls compared to traditional Voice Circuits
  • How VoIP is carried through a network
  • How VoIP impacts on IP Data
  • How QoS ( Quality of Service ) can be a problem in VoIP
  • Delay and Packets, Codecs and Bandwidth
  • How QoS is handled
  • SIP

3. Low level protocols
RTP / RTCP / UDP etc. protocols used and their functions

4. Speech coding technologies


5. Standard speech codecs
ITU Series and wireless codecs including fixed and variable rate.

6. Transcoder technologies including:
DTMF generation and detection, Echo cancellation, Voice Activity Detection and discontinuous transmission (VAD / DTX), Packet Loss Concealment (PLC).

7. Call and Session Control Protocols

8. Common practical issues:

NAT traversal, Call redirection.

9. Network dimensioning

10. Case studies

  • The role of VoIP in a company
  • The impact of VoIP on a company

Part-2 Project

Who Should Attend:
Designed for those who need to catch up on VoIP concepts, components, technologies, protocols, buzzwords and jargon. Taking this VoIP training course, you will build the solid foundation necessary to intelligently discuss, compare, evaluate and understand VoIP technologies, products and implementations.

The first part of this VoIP training is the overview. VOIP course is aimed at those who would like to gain an overview of VOIP technologies and also learn about the latest technology developments in this rapidly changing field. The course is intended for engineers working in the field of VOIP and also to technical managers, analysts and strategists wishing to increase their technical understanding of the key subject area currently in the limelight of the telecoms world.

Instructional Methods:

Lectures in Classroom, on Powerpoint slides, discussion, Questions & Answers. All participants will also receive a comprehensive course materials specially prepared by Training Division of Ace Softel Pvt. Ltd.


4 Months


Online (3 days a week, 2 hours per day)
Online (Weekends, 3 Hrs on Saturday & Sunday)


Online, Virtual Instructor led LIVE Classroom Training


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